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    Jan. 11, 2005

    Default figure 8 bridles... I got a question

    I have a very hot headed TB that flips his tongue over the bit and when he does this all control is lost. We have tried ALL kinds of different bits, and finally settled on a myler that works best for him. I also ride in a flash with his current bridle and he can still get his tongue over the bit( he flips it back and forth). I'v had my trainer fit it for me to make sure it was properly fitted and wasn't an error on my part and everything fits properly.

    My question is would a figure 8 bridle help with this? I don't want to go out and spend the money to buy one if it probably won't help with this issue. Anyone have any experience with this? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!
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    Jan. 10, 2007
    too far from the barn


    Figure 8 might help and you might also try a Micklem (this solved the problem for one of mine who was very clever about tongue over the bit). I use the Micklem with this Myler bit
    OTTBs rule, but spots are good too!

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    Jul. 17, 2009


    tried a spoon bit? Don't think a figure 8 would help. Would try the micklem first as mentioned above. Hackamore?
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    Quote Originally Posted by PennyChrome View Post
    tried a spoon bit? Don't think a figure 8 would help. Would try the micklem first as mentioned above. Hackamore?
    ditto to PennyChrome and Scubed. I would try the figure 8 but I bet trying the spoon bit or micklem will help.

    Also, make sure contact is either loose or constant, and not intermittent as the tongue thing is sometimes a response to fiddling... I'm not insinuating that you're doing this though

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    Jun. 22, 2001
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    Ok so I have a couple questions...

    You have tried a bunch of different bits.... what kinds specifically?

    Has he had his teeth done lately?

    When you say "hot headed" what do you mean?

    I have a horse that likes to put his tongue over the bit at points but I never know he's done it as he's still soft and obedient and usually flips it back just as quietly as he got it over.

    But your description struck me as the opposite of this. And in my head I am picturing a horse looking for every evasion technique it can. So then I am wondering why.

    What has this horse been doing? and Has the "hot headedness" ever been worked on and sorted before being asked to continue on doing "normal" work?

    TB's as a whole are not all like this, and even most that are will settle with proper training and exercises. So could you share more info?


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    Jan. 11, 2005


    I havent tried a micklem, but sounds like that might be a better idea than a firgure 8. Thank you for all the suggestions!!!

    Iv tried a bunch of different bits, but was kinda limited on what I could try(anything that was available at the barn). So a frenchlink, twisted snaffle, happy mouth(just a regular o-ring with the rubber), regular O ring and D ring snaffles and a few different mylers..a couple different myler comfort snaffle bits.. the regular level one and the slightly ported one, Dr.Bristol... oh and also a kimberwick :/

    I have not tried a spoon bit, would anyone be able to provide a link to the bit you are talking about ?

    He has his teeth done on a regular basis and his saddle has been fitted(If you see another one of my posts about a saddle question thats about my other TB).

    Hes a very anxious/nervous type of horse, don't get me wrong hes a good boy, just is very anxious/nervous/hot type of horse.

    Half the time I just want to be like HORSE CHILL OUT!! lol

    Hes an OTTB and then was showin in jumpers. Very talented horse, can and will jump anything, BUT gets very forward doing it, I feel like im more along for the ride then in control, will rush jumps and such.(He did all of this when I got him not something hes acquired over time with me)

    So iv decided it is back to the basics, trying to get him to relax under saddle, we've been doing a lot of lunging with side reins getting him to go long and low, get his mind set away from that under saddle means get ready to run run run or jump. So we are in the process of working on the hot headedness, getting him to relax. I have gotten him to the point where he will relax at the walk will go long and low, but as soon as I ask for the trot its a completely different horse. Head flys up and hes ready to go go go. Were in the process of working on that, but when I ask for a trot he gets excited and starts flipping his tongue over the bit... back and forth.

    Hes very smart, very very willing, sensitive and always wants to please type of horse, he trys to anticipate what your going to ask next and wants to be 5 steps ahead of you.

    Yes, I thought it was me, my hands my seat or something. Sooo I asked some other riders at my barn to ride him for me and my riding instructor, to see if it was just me. Nope, its not just me, he does it with everyone. He almost dumped one of the girls off of him by almost just scooting right out from under her sideways, and shes a pretty talented rider.

    Im always open to any suggestions!
    ride like you have never ate the dirt

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    I've tried both the micklem and a figure 8 on my fussy sensitive mare, and so far she seems to prefer the figure 8. OTOH, our young pony cross gelding goes best in the micklem, it definitely makes it harder for him to evade the bit and seems to distribute the pressure more evenly.

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