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    Jun. 28, 2003

    Default Had a really great drive on Sunday

    We have been picking up in the aftermath of Hurricane/tropical storm Sandy. And just havent been able to really get out with the horses

    Tre big storm was followed by power outages - gas shortages & rationing - taking down dangerous trees and cleaning up

    We arent in the area by the shore where homes were destroyed (though my Aunts house was spared destruction)
    Our area is mostly trees toppled at the roots or broken from the wind

    They estimate that they have taken 45 thousand trees off wires to get power back on

    Anyway - this weekend was a real gift. The weather became warm and sunny by early afternoon and we took the horses out for a drive thru the cut crop fields
    It was fun following the chaff lines thru the soybeans - just had to keep a lookout for the fox and groundhog condos that dot the middle of the fields.
    With the crops down we didnt have to worry about vampire deer jumping out to scare the horses so we just enjoyed the sun and the fields we usually cant drive in and the day in general

    We even had to give Cooper a hose down afterwards to get the sweat off his blooming winter coat. He of course, immediately rolled in a dusty spot in the field. Alex joined in the roll in a muddy spot - so his almost clean sheet got nice and gritty

    All in all a great day

    How is everyone else's fall driving going?

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    Feb. 16, 2003
    MI USA


    Your day sounded like ours! We also got out and enjoyed the weather, great temps but had lots of wind. The boys were ALERT. Some crops down for good viewing across the acres. Other places still have their crops on. Often depends on if land is leased or owned. The lease land gets harvested last, often because it is lots further from the farm. We have to stay on the roads, no permission or even trails, to drive around the fields on.

    The guys went along well, though we only did about 5 miles, with 3 of that walking. Not very fit. They got sweaty, but after rolling, they dried quickly in the wind. No need for fly sheets or ear covers, no fly could land in that wind! They were pretty good after being reminded that no independent thinking is allowed when hitched! We were on vacation so they haven't been worked recently. Those cold, rainy, windy days have kept them running and bucking in the fields, so they had to reset the brains for work.

    Sure has been great this last week in high temps and sunshine here. I was doing more winter preparations around the place. Sorry about your weather issues there. I have been thinking of you. Everyones woodpiles must be huge after getting those trees removed! Son came and cut down all our dead Green Ash trees (killed by Emerald Ash Borer), so my fences are safe in windy conditions now. Our woodpiles are big too. Those dead Ash trees just tip right over, roots are gone!

    The boys are plush, rather than long haired. So I expect cold, but not terrible winter weather. The old mare is very thick haired, and gets hot in the warm days. Not sure how much more hair she would have, if we hadn't body clipped her Labor Day weekend because she was so sweaty hot then!

    Hope we can get in some more good weather, it sure has been a gift this fall for doing everything outside. I just enjoy each day, always something to notice Horses still have some grazing, grass is still growing. They like that. Hunters would like some cold, so they don't fall asleep (dressed warmly, sitting so still) in their blinds for Opening Day the 15th! Horses here ALL spend the day barned up for safety. Hope the hunters get LOTS of deer for their freezers, we have too many deer locally.

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