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    Nov. 29, 2012


    Damn Katarine.............I might not be halter riding any more - but you painted a lovely picture.

    Wish I was there !

    Wish I was there right NOW !

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    Mar. 11, 2007


    I'm still spluttering over the "Buck's a showman" statement! Gads, G, just when I start thinking you know what you're talking about sometimes...

    Sounds like a fun run, kat... until you hit the pavement!

    ETA I agree, Buck has no place in a conversation about most riders... but neither is he a showman, IMO.
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    Apr. 17, 2002
    between the barn and the pond


    Agreed. I'd like to think G has B confused with ...anyone else!

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    Dec. 19, 2012


    Hi. I'm new! *Waves*

    I have eight horses and I ride them all in the pastures and fields with nothing except a halter and lead rope because they prefer it and so do I.
    When I take my senior horse (The Duke!) out on the trail I clip reins to the side rings of his halter and go bareback... he's a draft X so he's got a lovely back for bareback riding. This two-reins on the halter system is ideal for him because he's a fantastic neck-reiner... calm, clever and very bonded to me. I originally retired him from his bridle because it’s the only one I have that’s large enough for my stallion and I HATE resizing tack between horses.

    The only time Duke goes out under full tack is when we are riding with others. This is not because I don't trust my horse but because if another rider needs assistance (Runaway horse, etc.) I may need a saddle to help them effectively.

    If we leave the property my other horses all wear bridles (The stud gets a western saddle too because he bucks when he's bored, the bugger) because they are young and green and I do not feel that I can keep them safe without correct tack at this stage in their training. If a spooky green horse bolts in a bridle you've got a chance of slowing and directing them. If they bolt in a halter... Well.

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