My first cat ended up being toothless. Heck, I rarely see one chew anything anyway! I'm always saying "chew it, its tartar control" but nope, they just inhale it.

"Fang" is doing well. She's a bit weird now and then either from the post op meds (tramadol and antibiotic) or from thinking Mom is going to wisk her away to the doctor again. But mostly she sems to feel good and is sticking to her routine. She is eating very well, grooming etc. She has had to learn to pick up food with one less tooth and her tongue is getting a work out.

The major trauma is that she is on soft food only diet for a week which means the free choice dry food bowl is gone and both cats are eating twice a day instead, supplemented with healthy treats at the usual times (lunch and bedtime).

This has caused quite a stir in kittyland. They take bowl filling schedules very seriously and even though they have full tummies they are telling us on no uncertain terms that we have forgotten something. There has been a 24 hour vigil on the vacant corner of the kitchen for 4 days now.