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    Default Physical cause for horse that cannot maintain canter, which gets worse off property?

    Would love to hear your success stories on how you treated a horse that struggled to stay in canter. He does better at home and struggles most when trailered off property.

    I do not think this is a training issue because I am a trainer and I have never had this problem before.

    Here are some stats/clues:

    • He is gorgeous, healthy, athletic and talented.
    • He has lower than average stamina and does best when working outside arena.
    • It sounds like ulcers, but I have treated this horse for ulcers for a full month twice, and I do give him a prevention dose of omeprazole before trailering. Also he lives outside 24-7 with friends, free choice hay and he gets alfalfa.
      I also tried Succeed for two months but it made no difference.
    • I have put him on the EPSM diet and I do feel like that made a noticeable improvement in how he goes at home.
    • He loads fine but is nervous in the trailer and sweats trembles with or without a buddy.

    Is it possible that the trailer anxiety could deplete his muscles somehow?
    Could a horse without ulcers get an acidic stomach from trailering bad enough to cause an aversion to canter?
    Any other ideas?
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    What is he doing...breaking stride, swapping leads behind, kicking out? What kind of footing is he working in off the property as compared to at home?

    Most of the horses I have dealt with that have had issues holding the canter have had stifle or SI issues. Footing changes (such as going to a deeper footing) might make it harder on the horse, especially if he is not as fit as he needs to be.

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