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    Jun. 15, 2007

    Question Gravelled ... I think.

    I'm fairly certain that my old girl has popped a "gravel" on her coronary band.

    The only thing that's odd is that she was not lame at all leading up to the rupture. When I came to feed on Thurs evening, I found her hobbling lame with quite a bit of discharge (blood/other?) on her hoof wall. Horizontal slice right on coronary, maybe a touch less than a half inch long. Our am feeder said that she looked very stiff in the am and that she took a funny hop but she thought nothing of it and turned her out anyway.

    I cleaned it, gave her 2g bute (didn't wrap - at that point I thought it was a cut because no heat/swelling and it looked like she had a mark on her hoof that would indicate a cut.

    Friday am, I came to check, she was very comfortable - wound was clean, gave her some bute in am feed anyway as preventative, and ended up turning her out since she was so comfortable.

    Friday pm, still sound, but "rupture site" seems to have a bit of proud flesh.

    Sat am, still sound, bute in am again - dressed with Icthamol (sp?) and turned out. Saw some drainage - looks like a bit of pus and blood)

    Sat pm same. Decided no bute to evaluate soundness - redressed with Ichthamol.

    So, the odd thing is only a few hours of acute lameness - AFTER it digital pulse, no heat, no swelling. I've owned her for 10 years, have never had an abscess before. I can take a pic tomorrow if anyone wants to see. worried should I be about horror stories of hooves sloughing off? I haven't called the vet yet since it's clean and appears to be draining and she's sound with no escalation of symptoms. Does this even sound like a gravel? Only other thing that I can think of is a puncture wound - but I wouldn't expect bute to make her completely sound if it was something like that.
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    May. 5, 2011


    I don't know what 'gravel' means. Sounds like a blown abscess to me. When I was taking care of the string of polo ponies, a couple of them got abscesses frequently. Many times they blew out the coronet band. Horse was ouchy/lame. We'd soak. Abscess blew, made a mess, sore pony for a day or so, we'd continue to Epsom salt soak to keep it clean, pack with ichthamol, dress (generally involved a diaper bootie and duct tape - our setup involved a lot of dirt and minimal actual grass pasture), and life would go on. We didn't usually work the horse while there was an open wound just because we didn't have a good way to keep junk out of it while it sealed over, but the horse would have been fine if we had figured out a way to keep things clean. I had enough other horses I'd just pull that one out of rotation for a week.

    Sounds like a PITA, but not the end of the world to me.

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