My friend and her mom are caretakers for the carriage museum at the Wethersfield estate in downstate NY, including its six older horses. The owner of the estate has apparently decided he doesn't want horses on the property anymore and they all need to go. There's one Hackney/TB that was bred at the property, the rest are imported WBs (Holsteiner/Hungarian WBs). All have driving experience and some ride as well; some are suitable for light work or retirement only, some can do more active work. They are all absolutely gorgeous horses and have great temperaments, and I really hope they can find good homes to live out the rest of their days, because they deserve it.

I posted a more detailed message on the Giveaways forum with descriptions and links to pics of all six, so please check that as soon as it's approved for posting. I figured this forum would probably have the most interest, so wanted to post this as well. In the meantime, here's contact info from my friend's FB page:

"ALL 6 Wethersfield Horses need new homes. If you know of anyone that would foster one, two, or more of these wonderful older horses, some of whom are in good usable riding and or driving condition please contact for more info. Any good home will be considered. No horse dealers please. Please forward this on to anyone who might help. Below are photos with descriptions. Contact: 845-373-8589 Ask for Sandy or Cerice. Or, email pangaeaequestrian (at) for an email with photos and descriptions."