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    Default Smartpak email glitch, at least they caught it and clarified

    Did anyone else get an email around 4pmish from Smartpak asking if you were satisfied with your order - only to scratch your head because you hadn't placed an order recently?

    The apology email followed up an hour later.

    "We apologize for cluttering up your inbox as it looks like a glitch with our data and email service provider caused a rate and review request email to be sent to people it was not intended for. If you received this email from us at 4 PM EST that left you scratching your head about why you received it, you can go ahead and delete it. We assure you that your account has not been compromised. Sorry for the confusion!
    -Your friends at SmartPak"

    At least they are paying attention, and realize people need to know their accounts weren't hacked! Simple thing, but I know too many companies who wouldn't think to do that.
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    I was a bit mystified at how my order placed last December was "recent"! Glad for the clarification. I went in and checked my account, just to make sure after I got the first e-mail.

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    I wasn't surprised by it, because two weeks ago I'd bought DD a new helmet in their store, so I figured they finally matched my email to my store purchase. I wrote a review for the helmet.
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    I ordered half chaps a few days ago, and deleted the emails because I haven't received them yet. Then I got the clarification email. Now I get it...
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    I got them too. I can't remember when I ordered from them last so I was a bit confused. It was great of them to send the follow up email.

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    Jul. 21, 2011


    I went to check my credit credit card statements online since I had not purchased anything recently,then received the email. It was good of them to clear things up.

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    For the first time ever ever EVER I've been having some issues with Smartpak I am going to partially blame it on the storm... but things aren't "well oiled machine" the way they usually are. I guess I'm spoiled because they're usually unquestionably excellent. When I got that email, I was like "oh NOW WHAT?!"
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    Not gonna lie, my first thought was, "oh crap, I had a couple things in my cart so I could come back and decide at a later time, did they spontaneously get placed as an order!?" Super thankful for the clarification email :P
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