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    Karen Chance. Adore her books.
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    Quote Originally Posted by subk View Post
    I went to college with Tim. He was the editor of the school newspaper (largest weekly in the state of Alabama! ) The whole campus would wait anxiously to read his weekly editorial which was always hilarious!
    I own first printing copies of all of his books. Most are signed. I've been to several of his signings and I attended a gathering of his fans down in the everglades last month at Lucky Cole's place (one of the characters in Electric Barracuda). I'm a bit of a Dorsey geek. I've even got a tattoo modeled after one of his book covers.

    He recently self published a book of his early newspaper writings called "Squall Lines". He's got quite a sense of humor.
    "Is it ignorance or apathy? Hey, I don't know and I don't care." ~Jimmy Buffett

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    Quote Originally Posted by Curb Appeal View Post
    He recently self published a book of his early newspaper writings called "Squall Lines". He's got quite a sense of humor.
    Thanks for the tip on Squall Lines! I certainly don't know him now, and I wouldn't expect him to remember me from back then--I was just an underclassman down in the publication offices where he was a BMOC. In person he was pretty reserved and sometimes it was hard to believe the outrageously funny stuff he wrote came from the understated guy in front of you. I aways expected him to be loud and verbose and he just wasn't. It's been fun watching his career take off in the last few years--although I can't say I'm surprised by it...

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    Edith Somerville & Martin Ross
    Leo Tolstoy
    Ngaio Marsh
    Alexander Pushkin (Eugene Onegin is the BEST)

    Modern detective series:
    James Lee Burke
    Tony Hillerman

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    Horse people can't miss reading D.H. Lawrence's St. Mawr. You can read it twice. Once as a story about a horse and the people & land around him, and then again as not about a horse at all but totally symbolic, everything in the freakin' book.

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    Elizabeth Goudge, top of the list, no question. She's a gentle writer, and her portraits of children and animals can't be beat.
    D.E. Stevenson
    Patricia Veryan
    Elswyth Thane
    L.M. Montgomery
    Zenna Henderson
    Ray Bradbury
    Isaac Asimov
    Dorothy Sayers

    Unfortunately, most of the authors I like best are from the early to middle 20th century and are now dead. So, I don't have any new books to look forward to from them. I'm glad I like to read books over and over again.
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    We just love to shame poor people...when in reality, we are all just peasants.

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