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    Nov. 13, 2006

    Default care package for someone who just lost their home

    Looking for some ideas. My brother's house burnt to the ground on Sunday. He lives several states away. I am putting together a care package to send him on Friday and wanted some ideas. So far I have cookies, tea, a travel coffee mug, socks and gloves. Any other ideas. He's okay financially, but I was looking for some comfort ideas.

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    Feb. 11, 2010
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    Family photos might be appreciated. You could make him an album.

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    Dec. 11, 2002


    Photos and old home movies. Things that he can't replace, but maybe you have.

    Fire is so devastating. Jingles for your brother.
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    Jan. 4, 2007


    While little gifts are fine, those that have been thru that tell me the money is what helped them the most with immediate needs.
    Whatever you put together, add a card with a check also.

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    Apr. 3, 2006
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    Having been through fire and there is no financial heartache, there is no real comfort except your support and well old family pictures you may have.

    I lucked out and my pictures (that go back to my ancestral immigrants in the 1800's) were intact.

    Immediate thing that was tough, was clothing. Maybe a gift card to a department store, if money seems to impersonal.

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    Jun. 24, 2005


    I like the clothing gift card idea. When you escape with nothing but the clothes on your back, then you need work clothes, and casual clothes desperately.
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    Dec. 11, 2006
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    Maybe Lauren's Luggage can give you some ideas.
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    May. 25, 2005


    Possibly some favourite books from his childhood? My brother and his family temporarily evacuated a lot of their possessions earlier this year when it seemed that a wildfire was likely to take away their home (they were lucky, it didn't), and at least one of the boxes contained old favourite books.

    The family photos idea is definitely a "yes," too - those are the things that break your heart when they're gone, because fire or flood destruction makes you so very conscious of the difference between things - even big costly ones - that can be replaced, and things - even small, inexpensive ones - that are just gone forever.

    Your brother is lucky to have you.
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    For this first care package I'd be thinking of survival type items. What does he need to get through now? hats, gloves, I like the coffee cup, socks, underwear, walmart gift card, does he have his phone? minutes/trac phone, shampoo type stuff, where is he staying, does he need a sleeping bag? travel pillow? familiar music, a few pictures and a book to draw strength from, let him know that there will be more care packages along the way as his needs change... Poor guy!

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    keep things small, or the postage will eat you up. The money would be better spend in a gift card he can redeem where he is.

    I am guessing that he is able to buy the urgent needed items well before your package will reach him.

    i'd be going with comfort items: favorite cookies and beverages (remember, the USPS does not ship adult beverages), favorite books and CDs. Maybe hold up on the pictures (but prepare them) until he has a permanent residence again. This way he will have stuff cluttering his temporary housing up.
    But you could send him some meaningful Christmas ornaments. In my family the tree is trimmed with a lot of old ones who have been around for a long time and you look forward to seeing each year. My MIL had made each of her kids a collection when they moved out. DH can tell a story to most of them.

    As for bigger items, like sleeping bags, I read a lot about groups who make sleeping bags, quilts and afghans for homeless and otherwise needy people, but I think if you kust buy it it won't be as special.

    Once the dust settles, I am sure he can use all sorts of things, especially the kind you can't buy new off the rack (the pictures, etc)
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    Aug. 30, 2011


    Socks, undies, boots. Maybe a cooler if he's in a motel so he store food?

    So sorry for what your brother is going through! Fire is such a nightmare.

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