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    Default Horse Pricing Question (Sorry!)

    Posting under an alter again just because some people on here do know the horse and I don't want it to come off of as advertising. I have had some recent interest in a project horse that I got off the track and have gotten mixed opinions on how to price him. The details:

    He is 5 year olds, 16.1h and sound. Been off the track a year and under saddle about 9 months. SUPER easy push flat in 100% beginner safe/bombproof. We use him for walk/trot lessons with absolute beginners. Has very good flatwork (counter canters, leg yields, etc.) Cute mover (has gotten some very good hack ribbons in good but not amazing company) and cute jumper. Not sensitive or hot in the least.

    He's jumping 2'6'' courses with fairly automatic changes. He is still green over fences. He is brave, no spook whatsoever, and will cart a greener rider around a cross-rail course but needs a more confident rider to set him up for him to get all his spots (he likes to lengthen and get on his shoulder.) Good feet and goes barefoot behind, and super easy to handle/load/clip/etc. This is in upstate NY.

    So how would you price this horse? And my other question is how much would his price increase if he went to some rated shows (he's done a few local ones and done very well) and got good ribbons in the 2'6''? Thanks!

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    I live in upstate NY and I would price this horse for about $2500 - $3000.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GreySwan View Post
    Off the top of my head, I think between $5-$12k. I'm not sure what pricing is like in your area, but around here he would fall in that range...which I know is wide. Is he an easy keeper? Does he have to have shoes? Have you pulled xrays recently? Was he originally sound off the track?
    He went barefoot in the winter and was fine, but for being ridden everyday and showing a little over the summer I put front shoes on him. Very easy keeper, especially for a TB. No xrays but came off track sound and lightly raced.

    I think he would make a great 3ft-3'3'' hunter/eq horse for a timid rider once finished. I'm just trying to weigh the cost and benefits of finishing him myself or selling him how he is (he is super super easy already. Just green.)

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    As of right now I'd say 5k. If you get him to rated shows and he does well and places high 10 to 12k. If you get him moved up to 3 or 3'3 at rated shows and he still places well and is finished anywhere from 15 to 20k. IMO and in my area. Could push 25k if he is really nice and truly ammie/kiddo friendly and can just go out and win in great company.
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    In central PA there are a ton of this type. If he's a phenomenal mover--6k. Average mover w/ limited show miles and only at 2'6 $2500-3500 range. The end result will also depends if anything sketchy comes up on x-rays as well. Thoroughbreds flood the market and unfortunately for a selller, during a buyer's market (which is now) they come a dime a dozen.

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    He's going to price alot better if and when he does not need a more "confident rider" at anything over crossrails.

    I'd keep him until then if you want to get much out of him. Right now he is 3500 to 5k tops and one of a million on the market. Yes, rated show results in rated classes at 3'+ will increase his value, 2'6" is not a nationally rated class with consistent requirements so he'd have to win big in very good 2'6" company for that to add a whole lot.
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