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    I hate people that pull stunts like that. If it falls on your property, then it's yours. My last house started out with a bunch of big trees, that regularly dropped leaves (mostly oaks, but not the regular ones that drop acorns and leaves in fall), and huge branches. It took over a year to clean up the back outside of the backyard, because it was untouched by the previous owner. Eventually I got rid of the trees on my property one-by-one, because they were were either diseased and two were way too close to the house. After that all of the leaves were from the two neighbors trees, and the millions of acorns also. I had to clean up all of the leaves on my property, because they were from the neighbors' trees, but fell on my side of the property line. And you notice leaves and tree branches that fall on someone else's property aren't popular with neighbors, but if pecans or something desirable falls on their property they jump on that in a second.
    You can't fix stupid-Ron White

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    Welcome to the "neighborhood"! He should be glad you don't have Big Leaf Maples - the leaves are about 1'x1'. We typically wait until all the leaves are down to rake, but if it's really wet the ones on the lawn will smother and kill the grass, so we get those up. Luckily we have enough native vegetation on the property lines (and a fabulous new fence on the line with our neighbors who don't respect property lines) to keep the leaves on our property.

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    You're lucky. When I first got married, we bought our dream house in the country on a 2&1/2 acre woody lot. The very first day, a goat appeared on our back deck. Made me laugh - he was obviously from the house next door, which had a shed out back with goats fenced in. Helped this guy back, knocked on the door. Was ignored...several times. Finally the gal came out - my age - gave me a dirty look - I'm trying to introduce myself, and she barely said thanks. Loads of empty beer cans by the back door...

    The following month, we notice that the leaves along the fence line between us are really deep. We don't think too much about it.

    In the meantime, their idiot Rotweiller (I don't think this about all, just theirs) started hanging out at our house, lying on our stone wall, chewing rocks ! The dog was not bright - used to sun himself on our 55mph road. Another neighbor told me one time he jumped out of a 2nd story hay mow. We had our first lab, and the Rotty would come on over and eventually became a nuisance to her, so had to ask crummy neighbors to take care of him. We, of course, got a warm reception to that idea.

    Every meeting in person, they didn't return a "hello", and frankly just gave us loads of dirty looks. They were on a wooded 1/2 acre, and had a load of various animals. Another neighbor said she was a wild life rehabilitator. I never saw anything "wild"...

    14 months after moving in, we came home with our newborn son. I'm upstairs changing a diaper and looking out the window, and see a young man gathering their leaves with a lawn tractor. He then would take each full bag, and dump them over the fence into our yard!! As well as in the ditch in front of our house. I asked my husband to have a word with him. He was too chicken to say anything (now my ex! ) so I had to ask him to hold the baby while I went outside.

    I politely asked the young man why he was dumping the leaves on our side - and did he know it was ours? He turned bright red, and was very apologetic, advising the neighbors had told him to do that!

    The following week, I saw Ms Priss outside, and approached her. Asked her why she instructed the young fellow to dump the leaves there. Her reason? She claimed the leaves in her yard were from our trees! Her reasoning was absurd, as there was a long line of trees along the road, including in front of her house.

    This went on yearly, and at one point they piled so many leaves in the ditch, it became a road hazard as the rain couldn't run off the road, and began to freeze over wherever they built up piles of leaves. The Town (yay!) eventually sent them warning letters, and eventually a fine, and it finally stopped. That was obnoxious leaves behavior!

    We moved away a few years later. I go by there every once in awhile - still the same little mess, and I'm sure they are still as crabby as ever. What can you do?
    Being right half the time beats being half-right all the time. Malcolm Forbes

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    Quote Originally Posted by La Chasse View Post
    @ Redmond - we live on the Kitsap Peninsula, due west of Seattle, in Silverdale. The neighborhood's "nicer" but not million dollar nice!

    We've met the neighbors in our general vicinity, exchange pleasantries, etc. I'm used to more Southern towns where I bakeD stuff for new neighbors. Here, one neighbor two houses down brought over some goodies a few weeks ago and I put a thank you note in their mailbox (b/c I didn't know their last name), say hello when I'm out front to walkers (gen b/c my big dog has already said hello and I'm trying to get him back/introduce myself), I wave at everyone i see (if im driving, walking the dog but no one waves back here oddly enough). Maybe people think we're from Oz because we're young & childless by choice (aka too many damn years in school) vs the older families (kids are away at college or grown up).
    Thanks for the thoughts.
    I'm from Gig Harbor (I am living in Yelm now though), I'll be out your way in Burley (between Gig Harbor and Port Orchard) on Sun and Mon for the first annual Sasquatch Hunting Extravaganza. We will be serving cheesy bacon taters and beer. Perhaps we'll fire up the tractor and help you out with those leaves
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    @ CVPeg- my neighbor is saint compared to yours-- goats, a dumb dog and telling people to dump their leaves on your lawn. oh, i wouldn't have dealt with that well.

    @twotrudoc- yay, you are now the 4th horse person i know in the area (and i don't even know you. lol!). what is the sasquatch hunting thing? are horses involved or just beer and bacon? also, are you in medicine too?
    And the wise, Jack Daniels drinking, slow-truck-driving, veteran TB handler who took "no shit from no hoss Miss L, y'hear," said: "She aint wrapped too tight."

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