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    Default Top dressage sires in 2022 - any predictions?

    I have been looking at the recently released 2012 WBFSH dressage sire rankings.

    On the top 10 list, the youngest stallions were born 19 years ago – De Niro, Gribaldi, Don Schufro, and Sandro Hit. (And wow, what a year that was!)
    The next youngest stallion was born 20 years ago - Welt Hit II.
    Two stallions were born 21 years ago – Jazz and Michellino.
    Then there is a jump to Ferro (born 25 years ago), followed by Florestan I (born 26 years ago), and finally, Donnerhall (born 31 years ago).

    So I started wondering how the list will look in 10 years. Based on the ages reflected in the current list, most of the stallions that will top the list in 2022 were born in the 2000-2004 time frame. To toss out some names of popular stallions from those foal crops - Romanov (2000), Totilas (2000), Desperados (2001), Sir Donnerhall I (2001), Rascalino (2001), Dancier (2002), Fidertanz (2002), Johnson (2002), Hotline (2003), Quaterback (2003), Rock Forever (2003), Wynton (2003), Furst Romancier (2004), Scolari (2004), Zack (2004). Florencio is also sort of in the same time frame (1999). I am sure I forgot some biggies, but those were the ones that came to mind.

    Anyone want to make a prediction on whether any of those stallions or others from the 2000 - 2004 foal crops might be among the WBFSH top sires of Grand Prix dressage horses in 2022? Are any of them looking like they may turn out to be reliable sires of GP dressage talent? Or is it just way too early to tell, since the oldest foals from those stallions are now only 8 years old?

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    What a great question!

    I'd say Desperados and Wynton based on talent and that they are popular and well marketed. Even the best stallion needs quality mares in order to get his offspring to the right riders to get onto the WBFSH rankings.

    I'd also say Sir Donnerhall because of the number of breedings he gets and the contacts his owner (Schockemohle) has got allowing his offspring to get the best possible chance of succeeding.

    I'd also expect Johnson and Fidertanz to be in the top 30. And I'd like Rock Forever to be there but I'm not sure he will be.

    Easy Game may be a big player. He's a Trakehner, incredible mover and he's in the right hands to become a major KWPN stallion.

    I'd expect the Furst Heinrich line to be represented, possibly via his son Furst Fugger or Furst Romancier (but he is hugely tall so I'm not sure how popular he is or how his offspring will stand up to the rigours of upper level dressage)

    I'd also expect Chippendale to become a super sire of performance horses.

    Negro doesn't yet have a major stallion son. Diego may fill his shoes but he's very young at the moment. I do expect the Ferro line to continue to be represented in the list. Perhaps Metall will take on that role now he stands at Schockemohle's and is available to a large number of mares?

    I'd love for Le Rouge to be on the list as he throws great movement and exceptional brains. But he's not had massive mare books and is now a young riders horse so not being marketed as a stallion.

    I'm going to have to think about this question as there must be some new lines which are up and coming!

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    Not quite in the time frame you mentioned, but I don't think we can forget about Londonderry. When crossed with Weltmeyer, he has sired countless state premium mares, auction horses and even a few licensed stallions. His influence can be seen in his grand-sons and daughters too.

    Furtenball and Floriscount are also two stallions to watch.

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    Thanks for the comments!

    Easy Game (2003) fits the time frame, so let's add him to the list.

    I thought about Londonderry, but he is from an older foal foal (1995). Floriscount (2005), Furstenball (2006), Chippendale (2007) are a bit younger than the timeframe I was looking for. I also thought about Negro, but he is a 1995 model, and Diego is too young (2008).

    Anyone else have any ideas?

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    Lord Loxley

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    The U year (2001) was a memorable year for KWPN breeding, so would expect to see Uphill & United at the fore as well as Johnson.

    Rousseau would be another to add I think if looking at slightly older.

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