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    Default Skull Cap Help!

    Since my barn was burglarized about a year ago I've been gradually replacing my stuff. One of the many things that was stolen was my skull cap, the only one that I've ever found that fits me well, which is no longer in production. I've tried the Charles Owen Pro Racing II, Ultralite Euro, and the J3, all of which produce a pressure point on my forehead, leading me to believe that I need a slightly more oval helmet. The J3 came closest to fitting, but the size that didn't leave the pressure point would require a slight padding adjustment on the sides, but CO no longer offers any sort of padding because they feel that the helmet shouldn't be shimmed to fit. Me too! Except nothing fits me!

    So, does anyone know of a skull cap that fits a bit more oval than round? I have a very small head so prefer something as low profile as possible.

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    Mar. 6, 2002


    No help on the shape, but it looks like GPA, LAS and Champion all make skull caps:

    Might be worth some calls to see what head shape they traditionally fit.
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    The Mitten


    Does Tipperary still make their skull? They are more oval. I have the CO PROII, and it's okay. My favorite was the IRH long oval - wish they'd bring it back...

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    I have a J3, which I love....I remember when I was getting fitted for it, that the Champion was the other option I tried, however it didn't fit me as well. So the Champion might suit a different head shape, as COs all seem to fit me well? Worth a try?

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    I'm interested to hear what other suggestions you receive. I have a GIGANTIC head - I'm talking really big here (thank God it doesn't look so big without a helmut!). Turns out, they don't make a Charles Owen skull cap large enough to fit my head (yeah, I know, it's ridiculous). It also doesn't help that I have long hair, but I feel like a short 'do would only make my head look bigger.

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