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    Jul. 11, 2005
    West Coast


    Another vote for the Tuff Riders! Love them and they wear like iron!
    It's not having what you want, it's wanting what you've got.

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    Feb. 25, 2003


    Thumbs up for Tuff Rider ribbed knee patch and Ovation Euroweave. The Tuff Riders are a little cooler for summer but plenty of stretch to accomodate silk underwear for cold days.

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    Aug. 6, 2012


    I have Kerrits tights for summer which are super comfy. Also have a closet full of Kerrits FS Flex Tights which I thought I really liked until I got a pair of TS mid rise Trophy Hunters. The Kerrits are now redheaded stepchildren and I wear that one pair of TS for every. single. ride.

    You might check ebay for used TS if the thought of used breeches doesn't give you the willies. I actually just bought my daughter a pair of MH dress boots for $75 that looked brand new.

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    Nov. 12, 2004


    I love Harry Hall breeches, but they are so hard to find in the US. All of mine have worn like iron. I'm down to one pair now I will have to try the Horze breeches. I have lots of Kerrits tights, since I lived in a warm climate. Those are great for schooling, but not very warm for where I am now. I've had Devon Aire breeches that I really liked that lasted for years, and was thinking of getting more of them since I now live in a cold damp place where heavier breeches are a necessity.

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    Aug. 31, 2011
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    Hoofy, check this out:

    In addition, I saw somewhere that VTO is having a 15% this week. Maybe I saw it in the off-course forum...?

    Found it: "VTO Saddlery will be having a Rose Grey sale starting at 12:01 am Friday (11/16) and run for 24 hours. Couponcode is RoseGrey and discount is 15% off orders of 75.00 or more."

    So you just need to buy three pairs.
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    Sep. 21, 2011
    Lambertville, MI

    Default Grand Prix Hudson

    I got the Grand Prix Hudson breeches on TOTD on sale, hoping they would fit like my TS Trophy Mid-rise. The fabric is nice but I was a bit bummed out that the rise was quite a bit higher. I will have to wear them around the house some more and decide if I can stand to ride in them since I can't stand pants over my belly button, lol. Otherwise they might be on their way elsewhere. The size was comparable between the two for me, 32L in both.

    I am asking for a pair of the Horze breeches for Christmas, so we will see how those fit me.

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