Did you use a big company that came in and handled the process start to finish? Site prep, construction, footing/lighting, etc? Or did you do it sort of piece by piece with difference service people? What were your experiences? Costs?

I am just starting to think about this as a 5 - 10 year goal. We have a small Indoor which is great for certain purposes - teaching beginners, lunging, breaking horses etc. I'd love to keep this one and build a bigger one separately. Unfortunately the smaller one is on the only really promising piece of land on my property to build a larger one. Other areas would need major grading and some fill, etc.

Thoughts? I would like at least 80 ft. wide, length I can compromise as I can make it longer later on, but ideally at least 80 x 160 to start.

I would love to find someone who can come out, look at the property and take my hopeful goal into account and come up with real options... who would you use for something like this?