I have decided to start a polocrosse club/team this year, I played in Pony Club and absoluetly LOVED it and thought it would be something fun for the local kids to get together and do with their horses and maybe in the future do some competing

I'v talked to a bunch of families that I know that have kids with horses and have found an overwelming interest in this idea!! The only problem is alot of the kids come from the same families and ride western and don't have extra money to go out and buy different tack or equiptment.The main concern I was getting was that they wouldnt be able to afford it. I figured everyone could just use their western gear till we get some fundraising going or come accross some cheap used tack.(I currently have two racquets and one ball that we will be able to use) But was wondering if anyone had any extra polocrosse racquets or balls laying around that are no longer needed/wanted, that we could give wonderful homes to or borrow to get us up and going.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!