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    Default Frozen doses vs. straws

    Alright friends... I'm newer to breeding and just breed for the first time using frozen. My Old NA approved TB mare is in foal to Cor Noir. To get her in foal, it took a total of three doses over two cycles. I used a very good and reputable equine repro vet in our area, and they followed the two dose protocol by SBS ( which was what I want to do also) but my mare had a bad inflammatory response and didn't take despite all efforts. The second cycle we breed her with one dose that was perfectly timed between two follicles. And she took!!!! Yahoo!
    But I often hear many of you seasoned breeders talking about catching your mare off of only one straw!!! How do you do that??? I'm sure it's great timing and great quality semen... But still?
    I'd love some very practical advice on breeding with frozen out of your personal experiences.
    How do you decide when to use only a straw or a couple straws verses a dose or two doses?

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    Oct. 21, 2010
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    Thanks for the great info Rodawn!
    Have you ever used just one straw on a breeding?

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    Hi there Piedmont

    I have a 2012 weanling by Cor Noir. Mare was inseminated with one dose protocol.
    Once she's at around 35mm I give her Deslorelin around 4 in the evening and then drop her off at the clinic the next morning and she stays there to be U.S every few hours around the clock until it's time to inseminate. Immediately after a shot of Oxytocin and then,don't know what the window for timing is, but several hours post breeding, lavaged!
    She is in foal again to Cor Noir, again one time breeding ,single dose

    "The most reliable way to use one dose of frozen semen is to inseminate post-ovulation. Post-ovulation inseminations must be made within 6-8 hours of ovulation due to the lifespan of the ovum within the oviduct. Obviously, the closer to ovulation the insemination is made, the better the result, this is true for fresh and frozen semen. The one dose insemination protocol generally involves single daily ultrasound examination until a 35mm pre-ovulatory follicle is detected, then administration of an ovulation agent (hCG or Deslorelin). The mare would then be checked 12 – 24 hrs after administration of the ovulatory agent and every 6 hrs (range 4-8hr) thereafter until ovulation is detected, at which point insemination occurs. Insemination can be performed pre-ovulation, however it is difficult to accurately predict when a follicle will ovulate, therefore it is preferable to wait for ovulation to occur and inseminate within six hours rather than risk losing a dose on a premature pre-ovulatory insemination."
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