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    Default Using chalk paint or milk paint on furniture

    I've always thought that using it on nice antiques was heresy...but now I have to reconsider.
    I have a china cabinet, probably about 40 years old, that I bought from a dear late friend. So, it has sentimental value, but it with our primitive / Victorian furniture. It is nice quality (ie wood, not pressboard), but has a lot of carving as well.
    Well, my DSO threw the idea out there...and I think it would really work with this piece. do I go about it? It is a medium tone wood with glass sidelights and a glass door, and the bottom half has a two-door cupboard with a centre panel that doesnt open.
    Any tips would be appreciated! Am thinking of white, but have also seen some people use another base colour to show through n the scuffed areas. Can I just do white and scuff it to show a bit of the original wood through?
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    Dee, is the wood unfinished? We used milk paint on several raw wood doors in our apartment and I have to say, I'm a convert. The coverage and richness of color are just incredible. It's very, very simple to use.

    I know there are methods for making it "stick" on finished surfaces but they are much more work & I can't comment on their effectiveness.

    Now, I can't see using it on an unfinished surface & then scuffing to let the wood show through; part of it's magic is that it really soaks IN to the wood. It's a different finish than a latex or enamel & looks more "aged" or classic anyway, but I think you'd have to do some serious sanding to wear enough away to show wood through. It REALLY soaks in there.
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    What is milk paint?
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    I've used Annie Sloan ( chalk paint twice now and love the results. You don't need to sand or prime the furniture and it gives a nice antiqued look. I seal it with the same brand's wax.

    I know it's very popular to scuff it up afterwards, but I haven't chosen that route yet.

    There's a lot of great examples on Pinterest if you're looking for inspiration!

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