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Are you saying that the people in uniform are not worth it?
Well, we are an active duty Army family, and voted for Obama. Obviously we do not think that we are "not worth it". The problems that you mention (low pay, old "stuff" that didn't work or wasn't as good as what the enemy had) all existed during Bush's term. The difference is that Bush told them to go fight anyway and Obama is bringing them home.

My husband's battalion has received new equipment and up-to-date technology in support of their mission within the last 4 years. We are also looking forward to a little raise in 2013. The support programs that exist for him and our family are not gone - even though they don't have the same funding that they did during the height of GWOT spending. We're okay, and the families we lead are okay.

If you ask pretty much any military family, what we really want is for our Soldiers to be HOME, and if they can't be home, we want them to be fighting for the right (not imaginary) reasons, in situations where there is actually a way for them to win. I believe Barack Obama is the best chance we have for that.