Well we did the baby greens! He was actually pretty good!

My trainer rode him the first day and got a couple lead changes, but he was stalling at the in gate with him.

I rode him early the next morning and then showed him later in the day and he was great!

Our first round we could have won, he made a beautiful change after fence one, but we were going to the last line and I went out too far and when I put my leg on he changed leads to the last line. Second class he was great, a little leap for one lead change but otherwise perfect. He got 3rd!

Not bad!

There was no video person there and I am going to check to see if the photographer got any pictures.

Too bad because our 2 rounds were pretty good!

Luckily he landed most of the leads, I only had to do 2 lead changes and they were my easy way.