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    Default weird dreams? interpretations?

    Anyone have bizarre dreams, or are into dream interpretation?

    I frequently have strange dreams, typically when I'm stressed out. It's like I'm processing in my sleep. I have had some very violent, wild dreams about things like being chased by attackers, having to hide or to defend myself, and also those awful dreams that feel like you're running but not getting anywhere and feel like you can't breathe. I also tend to have "theme dreams"--I had a run of ones about snakes at one time, and some about lions, and I very frequently dream of water.

    I don't belive much in those dream interpretation websites and books that say X symbol in dreams = Y meaning in real life. I mean, dreaming of snakes is going to signify much differently for a herpetologist vs. someone with a phobia of snakes, right? But I do think certain broad concepts might express as certain things in various states--i.e. water is related to emotion, but how that is expressed and what type of emotion would vary.

    I've recently had a couple of really lovely dreams about riding my horse at the beach and into the ocean. Now, I've always wanted to do this, but I'm not sure the horse would agree. At the very least it would not be the peaceful and exhilarating experience of my dreams, given the challenges we have just getting around the arena most days.
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    I dream about tornadoes at least once a week. Usually someone is with me, either my daughter or mother or brother..not usually the hubby though. We are ALWAYS running from them, finding somewhere to get away from them. The last dream was my brother and I, somehow I knew we were in Florida, we kept running and we were running thru acres and acres of hut tubs! Hot tubs that were sunk in the ground, acres of them! Then, we ran far enough that I knew we were in key West- as we were running, I could see ahead of us and there were terrorists, white robes, turbans and all- picking people off with guns as we ran. Explain THAT one lol.

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    My go-to stress dreams are dreams of bugs. It's usually that there are bugs in my bed. So far, it's been ants, cockroaches, and GIANT stone crab-sized spiders. Most of the time they're so realistic that I literally leap out of bed and can't get back in until I've thoroughly shaken out the sheets.

    When I was a child, say 6 or 7 years old or so, I had a recurring dream that I was on a pirate ship being chased by pirates. I used a machete to kill them all.

    Aside from my "murdering Katy Perry" dream of the other day (I pushed her off the roof of a high rise), most of my dreams lately have me waking up laughing. I had a dream about a year ago that I was in Hawaii, and I PET A HUMPBACK WHALE. It swam up to shore, and I pet it. Then I went back into the house, Mat Kearney (the singer) was there, and we rap-sang a song about it. It was delightful. I woke up SO happy from that dream.
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    I am into dream interpretation. I had a crazy dream last night, but I could pick out every detail as to why I had it. I usually have dreams about a flood and what to do with my chickens because that is a realistic concern.
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