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    Default Phone calls from scammer buyers??

    I got an email response about a horse for sale. Then a phone call. The return number is a 1800?? Also, the emails have now gotten quite scammy. All they asked was how tall he is, then how I want payment. No other questions about temperament, soundness... anything at all.

    Has anyone gotten scammers that actually CALL? Even if this isn't a scam I am extremely hesitant to even consider selling a horse I have raised since weaning to someone who only cares how tall he is!

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    Jan. 31, 2010


    I once got a call through the Deaf phone system (sorry, I forget what it is called) that I am quite sure was a scam.

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    Haven't had a phone call, but we get emails out the wazoo between horse sales and the hotel.
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    I've had a phone call. Supposedly from Sweden through an 800 number. It was quite interesting. They wanted, if I remember correctly, x weeks of lessons for 30+ students. All prepaid of course. Of course, I would need to cash the check so they could pay their hotel and travel expenses out of it. Right.
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