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    Default Another Bitting thread....need *just a little more bit

    I know this has been discussed endlessly. This mare has jumped and gone cross country with a younger rider in a Kimblewicke (spelling?) a few years ago. When I got her, she had been laid up for several months for a minor suspensory injury and had only been doing some dressage prior to that. My mare really isn't even jumping yet with me (we've had to completely revist cantering 101), but will be going on an outing to wander around a cross country course in the next few weeks. I am also planning on starting to do a little jumping and would like to start doing more canter work in the field.

    Historically, I have gone through Novice on several horses in just a snaffle. One horse had to be moved up to the 3 ring Elevator and he was still a freight I don't have much experience with a sensitive horse that complains when not given a very tactful ride. The mare's dressage bit is an eggbutt frenchlink. We (well she) is still learning how to correctly respond to a half halt and we have been dealing with about 3 months of Idon'twannasoI'mgonnabuck behavior at the canter. This is finally clearing up and now the silly maresie doesn't want to go from canter to trot when I say. All of this is mostly a balance and strength issue. No big deal....I am dealing with this in the dressage ring with my trainer and as the mare gets more balanced I'm sure the brakes will get better as well.

    So in the meantime, what bit should I use while out in the field or at this baby schooling XC? The mare tends to get fast and heavy but also comes above the bit at times (she basically alternates between throwing her head down and dolphin leaping and throwing her head up). The bits in my inventory are: eggbutt Dr. Bristol, Full Cheek with a copper bean, 3 ring pessoa/elevator with a frenchlink. Of course I could buy a new one as well. I currently use a flash, but I'm wondering if going to a figure 8 along with the full cheek would be enough?


    ETA: We have spend a lot of time Walk to halt off of seat only, Trot to Walk off of seat only. The canter is coming, but dealing with strength and balance issues combined with the excitement of *gasp - a field! My regular snaffle may not be enough.
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