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    Jul. 13, 2012
    San Antonio--> El Paso


    Anyone have information on Equine Express? Good/ bad/ indifferent? (Going OH to TX, 29 hours!).
    Also, for a trip this long, would anyone recommend just plain leather vs fleece shipping halter?
    Also, she is fully clipped- would anyone recommend trailering in a sheet or blanket, or leaving her naked?

    Thank you!

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    Feb. 1, 2012


    My first suggestion: UlcerGard, started a few days prior to the trip, throughout the trip, and for a week after she arrives at her new location.

    I would use a leather halter (that can break easier in case of emergency) with fleece halter pads on it.

    I would leave her naked. Less chance of a blanket shifting and getting tangled, her getting caught up, etc.

    Make it as clean and less complicated as possible, and that usually leaves less room for problems.
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    Mar. 8, 2004
    Baltimore, MD


    Equine Express is my first choice of haulers whenever possible. Normally I say ship naked but not sure that is possible for a clipped horse. I would put at least a sheet one. Either way with the halter is fine.

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    Jan. 16, 2002
    West Coast of Michigan


    I think you have to leave clothing/wrapping decisions in the hands of the handlers of the horse. I would probably go naked, and un-booted/wrapped (even though I prefer to boot wrap when I haul myself) since the addition of "gear" is almost as likely to be a bother as a help. I would put bell boots on in front if the horse is shod--almost no downside there.

    Only one of mine wears halter fleeces, because he has a white face and the halter leaves marks on him. Otherwise I don't bother.

    I would also do the omeprazole before, during and after if possible, and make sure they or you provide lots of hay.
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    Mar. 9, 2003
    Baldwin, MD


    You can also have your vet come out the day your horses are leaving to give them fluids - that's what I did with mine shipping MD --> LA (took nearly 50 hours total for the horses to get down). I knew they probably wouldn't drink well, so it made me feel a lot better knowing they were really well hydrated, at least before leaving. I also put them on omeprazole - lots and lots!! I just shipped in my regular halters - I had one shipped once with fleece and it made him sweat under the fleeces and gave him nasty skin funk afterwards.

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    Apr. 2, 2004
    Louisville, KY


    I second the ulcerguard suggestion. I'd also perhaps invest in an irish knit for the trailer ride. That way, they've got protection from the cold, but also will not overheat if it's warm in the trailer. If that's not an option, go naked. Better they be a little chilly than overheat in a trailer when they will already be a little dehydrated and stressed.
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    Jun. 20, 2012


    I also agree with the ulcergard advice.

    Also, if she is clipped, ship her with at least a fleece cooler. It will help her regulate her body heat without making her sweat. I would never ship a horse naked this time of the year.

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