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    May. 22, 2010

    Default Sleuthing - Horse Jumped Field Gate

    I'm not sure if this fits here, but it seemed the closest classification.

    Something weird and random happened at the barn today. My horse, just minuted before I drove up, apparently tried to jump the five foot metal gate that opens to her little field, dinged the top bar with her foot, and caused an entire wood panel to come crashing down along with the metal gate. She clattered down to the barn and some nice people put her in another paddock until I arrived.

    She's fine. Wasn't even too worked up, although they said she was nervous before. I rode her and everything was totally normal.

    Initially I thought she jumped the fence because she was alone. She usually has a horse that stays in the stall next to her, but they are never turned out together. That horse has been gone for the last four days. A couple horses were in pasture adjacent to hers through this morning. This morning those horses were put in another paddock out of sight of my filly's.

    But this horse isn't buddy sour. She never whinnies or gets nervous when alone.

    The person who was on the property told me that her son saw what happened. He said he saw my horse calm one minute and then running the next, and that's when she jumped. His mom told me she heard nothing. Seems like if Nante (my filly) was panicking about being alone that she would have whinnied or been upset beforehand, but I guess she wasn't doing anything right before she jumped.

    My only guess is that she got spooked. It sounds like a flight reaction to me. We have had coyote and bobcat around lately and I'm sure that would have done it. Tonight she is in a different field alone, but in sight of the other horses.

    Thoughts? This has never happened to me before.

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    May. 22, 2010


    I will add that I kind of "tested" how nervous she was without the other horses. I tied her alone twice for several minutes, she was totally quiet while I rode her alone, and when I turned her out into the dark by herself she just calmly started eating.

    Doesn't seem like a horse who'd jump a fence to get at her buddies to me.

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