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    Default Lateral Moves in employment

    Do you consider lateral moves in employment a waste of time?

    I took my current position 2 years ago because I was well aware the small company I was at was trying desperately to keep me. I decided to be proactive and took an alternate but lateral move.

    The move, which seemed to be a lateral one, has presented itself as a brain dead job a monkey could do. There are also some internal issues and to put it lightly, I am really not happy. However, the benefits are unbeatable.

    I have been applying for jobs, that I would consider a move up, but just because I have been applying doesn’t mean Im getting any interest !

    There is no opportunity for me to gain any other skills in my current position, it is what it is. It is essentially a stagnant position.

    I'm really over being in my current field, but im not qualified for much else. Moving laterally (AGAIN) with someone that promotes from within is something Im really entertaining. But I really dont want to start from the bottom.. Again.

    Would you stick it out ? Advice?

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    Apr. 13, 2005
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    Well, I am able to move laterally within my company, but I would not consider it a waste of time - different hours, different responsibilities, different people - sometimes a different environment can help a ton.

    I am trying to branch out into new opportunities myself. If you aren't happy with your current job, do you have school benefits? Maybe taking a few classes may help find something better for you

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    If you have any tuition or training reimbursement available as a benefit, take some night classes or get a(nother) certification to make you more marketable.

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    May. 14, 2008


    I completely agree that a different environment would help. Although, everyone else in the organization seems completely content. It is very rare that positions open. There are 3 Administrative Assistants that are in their 70's.

    I figure, they have to leave sometime, but obviously their jobs are easy and they have no desire to retire. They run the place and do as they please, so why should they?

    The fact that they even recruited outside the organization for y current position should have been my first clue that everyone else was well aware of the internal issues... everyone besides myself! That is a whole nother can of worms.

    Yes, the benefits allow tuition assistance, which I have been taking advantage of since the day I started. My degree is in sight, but not close enough to warrant my emotional sanity.

    I think part of my problem is, coming from a small company, I was utilized everywhere (Mainly Project Management and Accounting). I am completely competent in both of these, although, I was neither a project manager nor the controller. When it comes to the most in-depth skills I dont know my butt from a hole in the ground. I can do almost all of the job description, but there are always 1 or 2 imperative items that I have to answer no to.

    So, this leaves me with moving to another organization, marketing myself with the same skills as an Admin..... Again. Or waiting it out and hoping I get lucky.

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