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    Feb. 22, 2009

    Default Thank goodness for sales! Got all my Christmas shopping done for students!

    Stopped by the local tack store and they are getting rid of their english section. Worked great for me! Got 5 ariat show shirts, 2 of the cool max sweat wicking ariat show shirts, 2 pairs of ariat full leather half chaps, and 2 show jackets for $200! Put that with the breyers that have been gotten over the years that are still NIB, some Coach scarfs that were clearenced out, I AM DONE SHOPPING! Just have to do the baking for the goodie baskets Now to have my one friend and student wrap everything up since she makes them look like Martha Stewart did them.

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    Aug. 15, 2008


    Flip flopping between being super impressed and wanting to hate you.

    I always plan on getting stuff done ahead of time, and I never do. Will make another concerted effort this year and see how I do.
    "Aye God, Woodrow..."

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    Oct. 6, 2002
    Philadelphia PA


    I'm usually done 80% of shopping after Devon and do the remainder before thanksgiving. I worked retail long enough to hate the mall
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    Nov. 10, 2005


    I love sales! Good for you hitting the store at a lucky time. I went to our local Equine expo and was able to do a little over half of my horsey type shopping. I have two barn workers(done-nice pair of riding gloves each on sale), an internet secret santa gift( two pairs of winter socks with cute horse print plus a nice mesh scrubby cloth-done). For my best barn buddy that I ride with all the time, I am making her either a calender or a book with pictures of her and her horse. Now I just need a gift for the barn manager and the barn owner. I make hand knit socks so that will probably be a gift for the barn owner. The barn manager just got a horse a few months ago, so am leaning towards a gift certificate for either Dover or Smarkpak.

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    Sep. 2, 2005
    Upstate NY


    Quote Originally Posted by Long Spot View Post
    Flip flopping between being super impressed and wanting to hate you.
    My thought exactly!

    Great shopping, so jealous of the deals and you being done.

    It is so frustrating that my family does not assign names until Thanksgiving.

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