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    Jul. 7, 2011

    Default Fleas

    My poor little JRT has fleas. Well, one flea is all i could find after checking her over very, very well. She is beside herself itchy and i feel awful. I even took the vacuum cleaner and vacumed her. It's Sunday and the vet isn't open so i went to the grocery store to get some flea medication. I didn't feel right about buying it though and came home and read reviews on the product. I probably shouldn't have even though i'm glad i did. They were awful. Needless to say i'm not going to use it but i won't be able to get to the vet until Tuesday (work schedule). We gave her a flea bath and found one flea (hoping it's the only one) in the bathtub. Anyone have any ideas what i can do to help her feel better? Benadryl, doesn't seem to work to help stop the itching.

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    Feb. 28, 2011
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    My JRT also suffers from fleas. More so then my other dogs. I think it's because she's closer to the ground!

    Anyway, almost any soap left on long enough will kill the fleas that are on the dog at the time of the bath. I rinse my JRT in Cider Vinegar. It helps with the itching! Try it sometime when you have an insect bite. Works wonders to stop the itching at least temporarily

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    Best fix: monthly flea preventative!

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