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    Default Software "update" on Ohio voting machines

    Seriously. It may (or may not) be benign but I fail to understand why we allow a private company to use proprietary software in these circumstances. And it needs to be installed a few days before the elections? And in Ohio? Couldn't be in a state where there is not really a contest and where it likely would not stir controversy? Why do we not have FDA type regulations with 21CFR type compliance?

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    Yeah and this is old news so to speak.

    The counties effected have since gotten rid of to machines about 2yrs ago at the order of the state and went to paper ballots for the esuing elections, but they beleive the new machines are alright.

    they (the powers that be on both side of the fence) are testing them as we speak at least in Cleveland they are I would assume the other counties effected are also.
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    Privatize, privatize, privatize!

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    I am really creeped out by the upcoming election. There's already so many stories about ballots thrown out, robo-calls telling people they can vote on a website, the Spanish-language voter information sheet listing the wrong date, etc. Couple that with stuff like this and a freaking candidate's son owning the voting equipment in a swing state, and I seriously worry about widespread ballot tampering and fraud.

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