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    My coworkers have threatened in the past to nominate me for it. I knew what was coming when a very trendy, fashionable woman became the boss, so I at least "try" now for my office job. But most of my stuff is hand-me down from a friend who buys a new wardrobe every season, it doesn't really fit but it get's me by. Sorry I'm not going to spend that kind of money on fitting in!

    Recently I came up with a new rule for minimum standards of going out for weekly errands - at least make enough effort that no one will sneak picture of me to post on People of Walmart website!

    I've watched the show a few times - sometimes they make an improvement, especially in getting the person to view themselves as attractive. But the clothes they pick for them aren't the kind you can "live" in, just for going out. They throw out so many nice, comfy things that I cringe!

    Once they tried to totally rework a woman's self image - she had a certain style that, to me, worked for her - they tried to make her into something completely opposite. I was hoping she told the show staff not to dare really throw out her old clothes, and just sold all the junk they tried to stuff her into instead.

    They don't always know what they are doing IMO.

    But yeah, I do make an effort not to be a candidate for "People of WalMart" that's my minimum going out standard

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    I would love to go on there. My wardrobe isn't a hot mess, but it's definitely not current & as nice as I'd like. Since $$ has been tight the last couple of years, I haven't bought myself any new clothes to speak of in some time. When I worked at a different job with a nice addendum, I did upgrade much of my wardrobe. Nice dress pants, a few skirts, nice jackets. But now they're four or five years old, and starting to show it. I'd love to have them take me & my worn look, freshen it up (I would still go for timeless pieces with a few trendy things mixed in) with their money.

    I do, however, love consignment stores. I have found some great deals (my brand new Birkenstocks for $18 and Coldwater Creek capris for $7) there. I also found an adorable sweater at Goodwill when shopping for Halloween costume stuff.
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    I always fantasized going to a huge tack store with all that cash and blowing a large part on boots, breeches and other stuff I couldn't afford. Then trot over to K-Mart or Walmart and finish up the assignment there.

    Oh, and only a complete fool would bring their very favorite stuff to get trashed!
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    Quote Originally Posted by betonbill View Post
    I always fantasized going to a huge tack store with all that cash and blowing a large part on boots, breeches and other stuff I couldn't afford. Then trot over to K-Mart or Walmart and finish up the assignment there.

    well, depending on trend, the breeches and boots could make the cut, the show shirts anyhow...
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    Not a candidate at all - I look quite good in my breeches. I have a couple of other outfits tht take me most places -- not got a big wardrobe because I don't need one.
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    I like the show and used to be a candidate - my college roommates used to chide me that I had only 2 "clashes" per week and usually used them up by Tuesday. My mom has zero fashion sense (does this purple beaded necklace go with my MacBeth tartan kilt?- no, it does not) but somewhere along the way I did learn and my friends now tell me I've got a good sense of style.

    I laughed when I saw this thread today because first thing I did was go to the dump - in my too-big, paint stained, frayed-cuffed carhartt pants, pink turtleneck with an orange fleece over it and my brown carhartt barn jacket and gloves with holes. What would Clinton & Stacy actually recommend to wear to the dump?

    However, I wasn't going to go home and change clothes just so I could pop into the grocery store and Home Depot for quick errands, so anyone judging me on today's outfit would be signing me up pronto.

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