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    Quote Originally Posted by msj View Post
    Rubyfree, we need to get our brothers together and maybe, just maybe, they will do serious bodily harm to each other. Either that or pay to send them to Siberia!

    When I mentioned to my next door neighbor that my brother was coming, he said he had an extra room! I might just take him up on it and move there for the 3 days bro will be here.

    Hey, i've got money for THAT plan, Sue! Can we just shove a wad of cash at a cab driver and tell him to go as far as it will take them?
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    Yes, there have been COTH trains to get horses, dogs and other pets to a new location. Anybody got a trailer with an empty space going to BFE that we can ship our annoying siblings on?

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    Rubyfree and wireweiners, I think we should do that!

    Now, that said, my funds are getting used up fast on my horse with vet bills. He's got scratches that just won't heal and unless he's sedated, it's darn near impossible to try to clean up. Vet was out for the 3rd time in 3 wks and she leaves me zylazine to sedate him otherwise. She just put him on antibiotics (SMZ) and we've added DMSO to the ointment for scratches which already contains Dex.

    Considering I think more of my horse than my brother, I think the funds have to go to him and not bro! But I might take my neighbor up on his offer of room. Said neighbor is a retired sheriff so maybe I'll send my brother over to him and see if he'll handcuff him to the bed for the duration of the stay!
    Sometimes you have to burn a few bridges to keep the crazies from following you!

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