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    Default Plants moved indoors

    I have a pretty good grasp of and competence with most domestic tasks that two generations ago were clearly split between what was called 'men's work' and 'women's work' but there are a couple glaring gaps.

    One of those gaps is indoor gardening.

    I have some annuals in pots and planters outside that are perfectly fine but which, if I leave them outside, will soon become frostbitten and die. Last winter I salvaged some by bringing them indoors and leaving them in the kitchen by the glass doors, watering now and again when I remembered to. Maybe half just barely survived and came fully alive again in the spring and summer back outdoors.

    There has to be a better way to set these plants up near windows somewhere in the house -- lots of windows, few with more than an hour or so of wintertime direct sunlight -- and keep them going than the half-baked way I did last year.

    Where do I place them, what do I need to remember to do and what do I need to avoid (such as putting them in a heating duct stream which I've figured out)?

    (Y'all are lucky that I'm not asking questions involving needles and thread. I haven't a clue how to sew anything.)

    Thanks in advance.
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    Ok, I have a green thumb (usually). But if you are bringing annuals in to try to winter them you will have a hard time. They are called annuals for a reason, they are only programmed to live for one growing season. If you are talking about perennials that is different.

    When I bring my perennials indoors I usually cut them back and accept that they will look a little ragged for the season because my only window has Northern exposure. They typically require less water and I do not fertilize them. This year I am working on getting rid of most of them. I just don't have the space.

    If you have a green house and you can control the climate with precision you can winter annuals successfully.
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    I've done ok with mine under light all day, just whatever light fixture that's in the room they are, left on during the day. Water when they start to get dry. They've done fine- some even bloom during the winter! Things are generally kept in the kitchen or bathroom here, due to easy water access and the bathroom especially gets reasonably decent sunlight too.

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    This year we're experimenting with bringing in our sage, rosemary and thyme, since we use so much in cooking, and except for the thyme they usually die if left outside in the New England winters. We put them under a grow light that comes on / shuts off automatically. So far so good...
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