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    Aug. 5, 2006

    Default Canine Dermatitis

    We've had incredible humidity and rain this of my dogs has dermatitis. She keeps scratching the leg and breaking the skin. I've called the vet, they want me to just keep neosporin on it for now and call them back if it's not better in a few days.
    Has anyone found anything that works well? I've got Tea Tree Oil, I'm wondering if that would be best for the scratching.

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    Dec. 20, 2009


    I had a dog that got a staph type skin infection from scratching - he had allergies as it turned out. As does about half the Florida dog population apparently. It took two rounds of antibiotics and a haircut (he was a chow/golden mix) to cure that. If the coat feels sort of oily and is a little stinky in that area, go to vet.
    In the interim, you might want to also give the dog a benedryl - my big dog - 60 lbs gets a full one, my small 25 lb-er gets 1/2. I buy the cheap Target brand, 12 hour. They both get them this time of year to calm the itchies...
    We don't get less brave; we get a bigger sense of self-preservation........

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    Aug. 5, 2006


    Thanks..will do. We have an appointment for Tuesday.

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