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    Quote Originally Posted by Guin View Post
    I am very sorry for the loss of your friend. The husband sounds like a blue-ribbon scumbag, but your friend is no longer here, so the husband's actions don't have much to do with you. You don't have to have any contact with him, and whatever he does with his girlfriends or the money has no impact on you anymore.
    But still, how incredibly frustrating!

    It must feel like "there is no justice" in the world...
    "Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies."

    "It's supposed to be hard...the hard is what makes it great!" (Jimmy Dugan, "A League of Their Own")

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    pp honour your freind and her daughter for who they are and were
    in life we cant always say that who we fall in love is going to be prefect
    as in life we have joys and we have dissapointments

    and i am sure from what you say about your mate she wouldnt want him to be sad and lonely not matter what we feel or you feel

    she loved him for who he was, even if he is a plonker

    your mate told you things that are lets say girl only stuff between true freinds

    so honour her and her daughter as true great people because they were worthy of having mate like you - they know what going on
    those that swing high also come and fall sown with a hefty thud and when that happens be sure to raise a glass up to rainbow bridge and smile big time

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    6 weeks? Ew. He's not only being inapproprate, he's actively trying to get everyone else to honor his choice to replace his wife and DAUGHTER (the fact that the gf has daughters kind of tears it for me) - which is basically putting everyone in the position of either being quite rude (I'm ok with rude, in that situation, but many people would find it impossible to shun him like he deserves) or to basically if silently go along with his pretense that his behavior is within the range of normal responses to death.

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    It really is frustrating when you lose someone you love, and are left to deal with (or even just hear about) their significant other who is impossible. My biological mother's husband made my life ten kinds of crazy after she died. It took me a little bit to realize what it was that made me so upset, but it was the fact that he was staining my memories of her, and making the mourning process filled with anger and resentment (or, i guess if I'll be blunt, I am responsible for my own feeling I know... but his behavior sure made it easy to be angry!!). It really is upsetting to be dealing with all this heartache, and then have to see/hear about the jerko campaigning for jackarse of the year. Redamndiculous. All I can say is separate yourself from all of it. Honor your friend and her daughter, and just push the husband out of your life and mind.
    (A decidedly unhorsey) MrB knocks over a feed bucket at the tack shop and mutters, "Oh crap. I failed the stadium jumping phase."
    (he does listen!)

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