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    Oh my...Bali's hurricane antics memorialized in video!

    I do hope the sound editing goes well, because we had some serious background noise on Monday and Tuesday, courtesy of Hurricane Sandy!

    In case anyone was wondering, horse ear plugs work!

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    Sep. 7, 2012


    My Happy Horse package arrived today (the shipping is amazingly fast, yay instant gratification).

    My friend and I listend to Lesson 1 Whoa and Go on CD on our way to our lesson last night. We kept going "that makes sense! etc."

    I am eager to try the exercises out, as my OTTB apparently did not learn whoa very well in her re-training. I am so excited to have this guide so I (rookie re-rider) can train my horse. Me! Train! It makes so much sense the way Jane sets it up -- horses learn by association, and you have to step by step teach them what response to associate with each aid. I know many on here do not like Parelli, but in our work doing Parelli groundwork with a trainer, it amazed me to see my horse ask a question, and learn when you "correct" her and then come back to an exercise and respond correctly. She always looks so proud of herself when she does something right, and is very responsive to praise. So I am optimistic that Jane's explicit, step by step methods will be a great guide for us. I am considering keeping my DressageMentor subscription as a place to ask questions and troubleshoot along the way, although I can't yet gauge how active the forums on there are.

    Also, the take your leg completely off the horse when you have a less-than-energetic walk, then bring them back on slightly behind the girth -- that had a wonderful response on my darling school horse at my lesson last night.

    I am so excited to start this journey!

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