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    Sep. 26, 2010

    Default Gas in NJ: How bad is it where you are?

    In my area, almost all of the gas stations are closed. One place down the street from me has had gas, but at random times and they run out quickly. The rationing isn't working, at least in my neighborhood, because there's no guarantee that when your "number" comes up that stations in your area will actually have gas or power or both. As stated on another thread, a lot of people are running out of gas just by trying to find gas.

    If I want to guarantee that I can get gas when my number comes up (odd numbered plate on odd numbered day or vice-versa), I have to drive for at least 45 min. to a truck stop on I-78 or to one of two stations I know of near the PA border that have gas. Or I can just drive to PA like I did today and not have a problem.

    How far are other people having to travel in order to reliably find gas when their number comes up?

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    Jul. 18, 2004
    Red Bank, NJ


    Yesterday, I drove down to Howell and Brick to check on family, and the gas lines were much shorter than I expected- barely even a line. My hope is that lines will get better each day- I know tomorrow is going to be tough, with a lot of people heading back to work. Best of luck- I hope the lines ease up for you! Jersey Shore Hurricane News on Facebook has been an invaluable resource for checking gas lines, etc- they do great work.
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    Apr. 26, 2009
    Stroudsburg, PA


    My cousin who lives in Forest Hills, NY had to come to me in Stroudsburg, PA to borrow my gas cans and fill his car and cans at the station right next to me because all the stations by him are empty and the ones that have gas have wait times that are over 2 hours. The station here is 24 hours and there's no wait at night so he just got 30 gallons and made it back home in less time than it would have been if they waited at a station there.
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    Apr. 7, 2005
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    My cousin in Montclair ran out of gas trying to find gas but was tipped off at a place online and able to get some.

    In Jackson and Point I was told 2 hour waits, limits on how much you can get. But it's been getting better.

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