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    Jan. 4, 2007

    Default Ok, after a few days of the new, one opinion, add yours.

    Well, I will say I don't know if we are better or worse, but in general, the main page for each forum, with the threads, seems to have a very big, fat, bright font and to add to the clutter those envelope icons are oversize, compared to the size of the lines.
    The "started by" seems unnecessary and more crowding that page.

    The pages for each thread, where we read posts and respond with our own, that is easier to navigate and read.
    I think that the signature space at the bottom is too large and in short posts, the definition not that clear and I keep reading the signatures as part of the post, then realizing they are not.
    That maybe be so larger to accommodate the thumbs feature?

    The thumbs, well, I consider them a distraction and not worth having, but seems that many others like at least the up/green one, not as many both.
    So, we will live with or without them, as the powers that be wish.
    Would not deny those that feel a strong need of them their thumbing fix.

    Smilies, some are fine, some are right down a bit ugly, some hard to figure and so questionable in their use, if that would confuse, not help emphasize a post.

    Last, the most important, I think, a big THANK YOU for getting rid of that obnoxious, interfering pop-up at the bottom.

    Sorry that so many of us are picky, but I think you asked for input ...

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    Jun. 3, 2007
    Los Angeles, CA


    I've been trying for a few days, but I find the main page of each forum to be completely unreadable. Too much bold and too many similar-sized fonts make it hard to find the thread titles.

    After 10 minutes of browsing, I now have a headache. I'll no longer be visiting the forums each day, because it's just too much eye strain. Guess I'll head back to UDBB.

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    Aug. 22, 2001
    Almost Aiken


    I like it overall, there are some things that need tweaking still of course and I have every confidence that it will all be sorted out eventually. I can be patient.

    I'll take it over UDBB's thin orange font. That gives me eyestrain, and it's been long enough now that I think it's there to stay.

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    Apr. 23, 2005


    The main forum page isn't consistent. Sometimes it's similar to the old version (better) and sometimes it's this silly, crowded new version. If possible, I vote to keep the one that's similar to the old version. Much more aesthetically pleasing.

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