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    Thanks DMK
    I should have guessed that they would not do something that benefitted me that was not required by federal law
    Although that makes it even more troubling that they did not process it correctly to begin with (no argument that it was not a true medical emergency)- they should be automatically processing all emergency claims the same way - as in network - instead of only processing some ER claims as in-network which is how they made it sound when I spoke with them.
    our health insurance system is so messed up, it is mind-boggling to me
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    I had a flexible spending account administered by UHC and they lost my packet the first time, refused to reimburse me for some items the second time and I ended up spending about $9? $12? in postage altogether what with the return receipts and the multiple submissions.

    I refuse to be a supplicant when it's my own damn money that I pay in every paycheck. Needless to say I didn't do an FSA this year so I lost the tax benefits, but I don't have any desire to have my blood pressure spike out of aggravation.

    We have BCBS and for a minor procedure we have about ten pieces of paper -"you owe", and this after interviewing the surgeon and everybody else we could think of to make sure they weren't OON.

    DH really misses Kaiser P., the Big Brother/Grandaddy of the HMO's. You didn't get much choice, it was a huge clinic setting, but they didn't kill you by burying you with paperwork.
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    I recall during the debates over the Affordable Care Act there was a proposal termed "Medicare for All" which brought forth howls from one side of the aisle

    I just don't really see that much difference between 'medicare for all' and 'medicare + 10%' that many insurers are paying to providers
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    except that it really is a lot more complicated than that... on both sides of that equation.

    [/sickofcomplexthingsbeingoversimplifiedsopeoplecan gettheirmisplacedrageon]
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