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    Default Snow shoes for getting to the barn

    I'm thinking of getting snow shoes for getting out to my barn in the winter. Due to high winds shoveling a path is often not the best plan (you shovel your way out to the barn, then the path is filled in when you turn around to go back to the house.)

    Does anyone do this? Any thoughts on the matter? What I'd really like is to build a nice, heated, enclosed walkway to the barn, but that's not going to happen

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    Amen on that covered walkway!
    My Dream is to rebuild a house w/attached barn - then feed in my PJs

    I dunno...snowshoes seem to me like just one more layer of clothing/equipment to deal with.

    Wouldn't they have to come off when you get to the barn, then go back on to get home, then off, etcetera.

    What I do is pretty much what you describe:
    Shovel my way to the barn, then shovel my way back.

    If I'm lucky, the neighbor who clears my driveway remembers to plow the 250' down to the barn for me also.
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    I park my plow truck at the house and plow my way down. Then I put Yak Trax on my feet to walk back and forth bc the plowed part turns to ice in 4 seconds. A very important part of this is to remember never to wear the Yaktrax INSIDE the barn or it is like walking on ice in leather soles. Yuck. Do we have to talk about this already? ;-/
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    Have the bigs dogs go first and follow in their path Not a great plan but it works here
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    I use two old broom handles to find my way around the drifts and push myself along.
    I too have thought to get some of the smaller, fat snowshoes that you just put your toes in and come off easily.

    I only have 140' from house to barn, but the tractor is kept in the barn.

    I used to have a bobcat skid loader that fit in the garage and could use it, but I was not using it enough to keep, so don't have it any more.

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