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    Oct. 14, 2000
    Now In the Sandhills, NC mostly


    How tall is yours? I do love that the water stays fresh and clean!

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    Jan. 29, 2000
    Pretty much horse heaven


    Measuring to the "tabletop" of the waterer, where the donkey's nose clears to push down the ball, the waterer is 19" and it is sitting on a 5" concrete slab, so basically 2' total (a part of the waterer does come above that, but it's the center divider and is centered under the fence between the two paddocks, and then there is a ball on either side at the 2' height for drinking).

    My contractor hadn't put this kind in before, and he was originally concerned that the horses wouldn't be able to drink out of something so low because he was used to installing Nelsons in fields and stalls and they are much higher up. I pointed out that horses have no problem drinking out of streams and lowering their head to drink is natural. Two neighbors have now gotten the same waterer after seeing mine in use. We used this kind of waterer for over 15 years in the midwest before moving south and getting another.
    Hindsight bad, foresight good.

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