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    Nov. 9, 2011
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    Default Horse show Dad' to keep them entertained?

    My dad is going to come to my horse show this weekend and I don't want him to be completely bored out of his mind! He has been to 2 other shows but only there to watch my classes so total of maybe an hour. But tomorrow he is going to come the whole entire day! So we are leaving the house at 7:00 am to feed do stalls etc. and my classes are not until the last class of the day...ugh. Its boring even for me and I love the horse show life lol.

    My dad is so very non horsey (almost a little scared of them) And he is giving up his Golf and Poker day just to come! I seriously could not have a better Dad! I thought I would bring some playing cards so we would have something to do. How else can I keep him entertained?
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    Take a golf cart with you and let him run stuff back and forth. Bring a nice lawn chair and some beer in a cooler. Newspapers are good, so is food, snacks, doughnuts, cheese and crackers. An Iphone so he can get the college football scores. Specific tasks for specific times, feeding. grooming, cleaning tack.

    Give him the job of keeping track of show office paperwork and fees.

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    Couple ideas:
    1.) Give your dad some opportunities to help. Bring a camera/video camera and ask him to "help" you and your barn mates by capturing the action. My DH loves that chance to be part of the team. I bet your dad would also love a pic of you two together at the show. Also, give him something to do when you're competing. He can easily wipe down your boots pre-round, make sure you're kept hydrated and carry coolers, martingales, etc.
    2.) See if you can find a couple of classes similar to yours during the day. Explain to your dad what you're working on in your riding and point out specifics on a couple of different riders. He may not really get it but since he's coming out to support you, he'll love that you made an effort to share the details of your riding with him. Then when you finish riding, you can talk about how you did on the things you'd pointed out to him.
    3.) Ask your barn friends' what other parents will be there & make sure you introduce them to each other.
    Your dad is coming to the horse show to hang out with you, so whether its playing cards or anything else, I think he'll be pretty happy to spend time with you and know that you think "I seriously could not have a better Dad!" because he's there.

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    Find them other dads to hang out with, they really do enjoy each other's company
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    When I showed back in the day, I liked to fall off a lot so my dad was always busy with that!

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    Aug. 31, 2011
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    I like the camera idea. I also remember that my DH (who isn't interested in horses in the slightest) finally came to watch our daughter in a big show. I taught him how to recognize a few things like lead changes, and after watching a few classes, he was actually making intelligent distinctions among the competitors. He surprised me. Maybe your dad will surprise you, too!
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