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One of the Kardashians has kids out of wedlock, too, but they have money, so it's okay.

I'm sure the HBB mother did want a better life for her kids, but that daughter is no worse that all the "pretty" celebrities popping out illegitimate kids right & left. Oh, yeah, and then there's Bristol Palin. (lol)

Sadly, Mama may have learned a hard lesson in life: when you look like she does, sometimes the only way you can get respect is to be tough and to (in self-defense) have a rough exterior.
I cannot believe I am defending a Kardashian... Kourtney is approaching 30 years old, and is a woman with a career (yes, modeling, owning her own clothing stores which she actively manages, and their numerous other ventures is a career) who -chooses- not to marry. She is educated and strikes me as a mature intelligent adult who happens to be on Reality TV. A little different than a fifteen year old teen mom who is unlikely to be able to support her child independently at this stage of her life.

On the subject of Honey Boo Boo, I do worry it will embarrass the girls later or already is doing that to the older girls. I can only imagine what their lives are like at school now. But June and "Sugar Bear" do love those children very much and I love that they make the best out of what they have although I cringe a little at, on the show anyway, how little healthy food they get.