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    Sep. 24, 2009


    I WFH 4 out of 5 days a week. I'm a clinical programmer in the pharmaceutical industry. Everyone goes in on Mondays and that's when we have most of our meetings. My company moved and my 30 minute commute turned into 1 1/2 hours, and they lost many employees before they decided to let us WFH part time.

    I love it, but it does get a bit lonely at times. It's nice to be able to take the dogs for a walk around the neighborhood when i get stuck programming something complicated - that really helps clear my head so I can think things through. You do need to have pretty good discipline and not let yourself get too distracted.

    One downside is that if there is a project that needs to get done, it's pretty much expected that you will put in long hours - more than if you are in the office. But since I am essentially saving 3 hours of commute time a day, I don't really mind.

    It's not for everyone. Work friend of mine took a very high-paid job that was WFH full time, and she hated it. She missed coming in every day, which she did at my company because she lives in the area. She actually quit that job and came back, even for less pay.

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    I work from home and love it. I've never had a problem with discipline, if work is there I want to get it done so I can goof off without worrying but then I also pull some stupidly long hours to make sure I meet all my client deadlines. I love the flexibility it gives me if I need/want to do anything, and if I want to go away I have a subbie who takes over all by one of my clients while I'm gone.

    I doubt I would go back to actually *going* to a job, unless there was bags of money involved but there would have to be quite a few bags and something I really wanted to do before I even thought about it.

    The best part about my work is I can do it anywhere in the world if need be.
    where am I, what day is it, am I still having a good time?

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    1. People think because you are working from home they can call/text/barge in etc. at any time.

    2. Your hubby comes home. Calls out "Hello, hello?" expecting you to jump up and give him a warm welcome, and all the bustle causes the dog to go into a fit of barking all while you are ON THE PHONE, because you have a meeting. This is kind of an expansion of the point above.

    3. Your neighbors and any repair people think you just "sit around all day."

    4. When work is slow, or boring, or both, I think it's more painful than the office, and easier to become distracted.

    5. Lack of socialization, as others mentioned.

    I work from home and go into the office a couple of times a month. I also travel several times a year -- those trips are very helpful in solidifying relationships and communication with co-workers. We (co-workers) also are on a chat system, which has been very helpful with connectivity throughout the work day.

    The advantages certainly outweigh any disadvantages for me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MyGiantPony View Post
    More and more reputable companies are doing customer and tech service via home based agents.

    So - anyone do this? Pros/cons?
    Big Con- If you can telecommute you can be outsourced.
    I must stop asking "How stupid can you be?" rhetorically.
    Some people are starting to see it as a challenge.

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    May. 17, 2000
    Where am I and what am I doing in this handbasket?


    Snort, the dog barking thing is so true. For years, I could count on a fed x or ups truck driving past my house during a conference call that was unmutable. That would be the two things my dog was sure to bark at (he was sure they were trying to steal the door - they came, knocked, he barked and scared them away, ergo preemptive barking when he heard their vehicles).

    But now that over 30% of the company is WAH, we all giggle when we hear "woof WOOF WO..." with the mute button kicking in.
    I'm sorry... Did I just roll my eyes out loud?

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