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    Jan. 27, 2002

    Default new england---stunning buckskin 10 yo kentucky mountain saddle horse mare

    i hate to do it, but i think i must rehome my gorgeous mare maya.
    there is nothing wrong with her, in fact i had very high hopes for us to be trail partners. she's a stout 14'3, perfectly sized for me and stunning to boot.
    sadly it's more of a financial decision after a good hard look at my budget.

    anyway i bought her almost two years ago when a friend and i went to pick up a horse for a client of hers. maya was to be left alone and was going berserk, having never been separated from her barn buddy. sellers were not horse people and had no idea what to do, so my friend and i took her home with us and i kept her.
    she spent six weeks this spring with an excellent trainer and has the basics down of whoa and go and steering. her gait is not solid yet, mostly i rode her out and about to expose her to the world.
    she hurt herself playing too hard with her herdmates in july and the vet thought it was a deep tendon injury which would be fine with enough rest.
    so i gave her a few months off and she's fine now, but boy does she need a job!

    maya wants to be your favorite pony and thrives on attention. she's brave and non spooky, though a harley motorcycle scared the bejeezus out of her. the biker was kind enough to turn his machine off and she was able to relax and sniff without drama, i was very proud of her!

    she used to be the alpha mare when i first got her, but has settled into maturity nicely and is now just occasionally bossy about hay piles.

    she does have some allergies and can be very itchy in bug season, i have not yet found 100% relief for her.
    i can deliver her and will want the usual references, etc.

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    Dec. 4, 2002


    I can't figure out how to PM you with the current bulletin board--there are ads covering half of the page that is designated to writing and sending PMs and I can't see how to do it. Do you have an e-mail address?

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    Jan. 27, 2002


    you can reach me at [

    i'll leave this up for a day or two and hopefully won't get any evil doers emailing me!

    sorry, i don't want my email address on here for any longer. try pm if you are interested.
    Last edited by suz; Nov. 2, 2012 at 10:11 AM.

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    Dec. 8, 2006


    if you will send me picture and more info and location, I will forward to a friend in MA. I had the same problem with PM, couldn't access the message writing area. Pls. send to my member name at thanx

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    Jan. 27, 2002


    bumping for this wonderful little horse. had a trainer out the other day for a lesson and she thought maya was a lovely mare who listens and tries hard for me.
    her weak spot is being easily distracted, but she is learning to listen like a good girl.
    i admit i'm riding a thin line between knowing finances will be ok and feeling i must get her to a safe home in case the excrement hits the air moving device. if i knew for sure about my work i wouldn't dream of placing her, she's that special.

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    Jan. 27, 2002


    maya is still looking for a new mom to spoil and adore her---i can send pics to folks serious enough to email me.

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