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    Nov. 18, 2007

    Default Any COTHer's with Chickens?

    This area is for all our farm critters right? I see most threads talking about cats and dogs. Does anyone else have chickens?

    We have 4 chickens. No rooster yet, but may get one in the spring when we add more pullets to our flock.

    They are so fun to play with and nothing beats the farm fresh eggs!!!!

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    Apr. 26, 2009
    Stroudsburg, PA


    We have 10 beautiful hens and loads of ducks! Nothing beats fresh eggs and I love know that not only do we have a wonderful healthy food source but that they are spoiled rotten! One of our girls is handicapped but she is the sweetest thing in the world, we'll be getting another hen early spring to be her buddy since right now the other 9 are established in their flock and she would get picked on too much.
    The one good thing about repeating your mistakes is that you know when to cringe.

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    Mar. 26, 2005
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    Yup - mini-flock of 4 right now since losing 2 hens & the rooster to a fox.
    No more freeranging for the survivors

    Reconsider getting a rooster unless you can get one from a breeder who culls for bad behavior.
    Even then you get no guarantees.
    Search for JSwan's thread on her rooster: Chuckie.
    My guy did a bangup job of looking out for his girls, but his raging testosterone tempted him, on occasion, to take me on!
    I am much happier having hens only and will probably get some more pullets or sexed chicks next Spring.

    I am now a confirmed Egg Snob - if they didn't come from my girls, they just don't taste right.
    Plus I get a ton of entertainment value from about 20# of poultry.
    *friend of bar.ka*RIP all my lovely boys, gone too soon:
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    Hey Vern! 1982-2009, Cash's Bay Threat 1994-2009
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    Mar. 4, 2010


    You might find more hen folks on the "Around the Farm" forum. There are a lot of poultry folks there, I believe.


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    Nov. 18, 2007


    2dogs- thanks for the roo advice, I'm not sure about getting one, it had only just crossed my mind.

    I did a search before I posted, but didn't find anything about chickens in around the farm or here... Oh well.

    I sure enjoy having them... It makes my day sitting in my back yard with the chickens, the dog, and my two horses. It's so nice to have them all right there. Pure entertainment!

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    Aug. 13, 2008


    Don't get a rooster! Ours was nasty to the hens. We currently have 4 hens who have yet to lay eggs, but should be any day now. Maybe. Or maybe we have defective hens. They are Brahmas, which are supposed to be friendly, and they are such...chickens. They act like I am going to grab them for the stew pot. But I let the dog out and they cluck at him and follow him around. Really? They are entertaining though.

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    Jun. 22, 2004
    Central Florida


    There are a few chicken threads (maybe look for Chook?) that are freaking hilarious!! Only chick threads I have see are in around the farm. I don't have any but love reading about everyone else's. Tennis Rooster was funnny!
    Draumr Hesta Farm
    "Wenn Du denkst es geht nicht mehr, kommt von irgendwo ein kleines Licht daher"
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    Dec. 13, 1999
    Greensboro, NC


    We do!

    AND we have not 1 but 2 'roos, and we love them

    We have 12 total. 8 turned into 7 and then 12; 12 turned into 15 (hatched 3) which quickly became 13 Then we lost a neat little hen so we're right back at 12

    The original 8 were supposed to be pullets, from a friend, but 2 were a little iffy. They ended up being 'roos but we were attached by then so figured we'd just see how things went.

    1 is a Cochin cross (Robert) and just beautiful. 1 is a Naked Neck (Terry) though I forget his real breed mix. At first the Cochin x was the dominant cockerel - way too funny to see the 2 of them run up to each other, jump in the air, Robert fluff up his head and neck feathers, while poor Terry just had this pitiful mowhack to fluff up

    Now Terry's the dominant one but he's not mean. They all sleep in the same coop, and we often find the 2 roos right next to each other.

    No, not all roos are mean! But a mean roo is not something you want. They will certainly do what it takes to protect their girls, and if the eggs are important to you, then you need girl protection
    The CoTH CYA - please consult w/your veterinarian under any and all circumstances. - ET

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    I have an illegal chicken I got 3 red star hens, but my town told me to get rid of them. I gave away my 2 least favorite, but I turned my garage into a stall for my favorite henny penny. They can't seize her if they can't see her, though I may get her another friend. She loves mealworms and being petted, and lays one egg every day.

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