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    Default Anyone else dealing with achalasia?

    Just curious. I have crappy insurance, so my Dr referred me to a GI specialist. I thought I was dealing with heartburn related issues. GI Dr requested a barium swallow series and was super surprised with the results. He told me xrays did not make a definitive diagnosis but when I asked "well, what else could I be dealing with?" he basically said "yeah, nothing...."

    So, surgery is in my future but... like I said... crappy insurance... so I'm treating with meds right now. I feel like I have it under decent control but it sure is annoying. I can't eat or drink anything unless my meds have kicked in- I get about 4 hours after I've taken them until they wear off.

    Anyone else?

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    Not that but I have a soft pallet defect of some kind and gastoparesis. I have started drinking small smoothies for some meals. That seems to help a good bit. I am suppose to eat very small meals thru the day. Gastro said halve every meal. Eat first half and then have second half 2 hours later.

    If you have any nausea or stomach acid issues I suggest looking in to Dexilant. It's Rx, but once a day and has been a small miracle for me and my GERD and nausea.
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