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    Default How to mount GoPro cam on charles owen helmet?

    Hello everyone! I'm so excited to make my first post and become part of this community!

    Has anyone had success mounting a GoPro helmet cam onto a Hunter Jumper helmet? I have a Gopro helmet cam and mounts for a motorcycle helmet and bike helmet, but the front of my Charles Owen is made of a different material than a motorcycle helmet. I'm not sure if the mount will stick or if it will damage this material on my show helmet or what, but I'd really like to figure out how to mount the GoPro on my Hunter Jumper helmet so I can review the video for practice. I already have the camera and helmet and some mounting accessories, but it would be awesome if someone has done this before and can give me some advice on how to mount the GoPro Cam onto my riding helmet!

    Here is a pic of the mount on another helmet:

    Thank you!!!!!!!!

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    Use the head strap mount. Works like a charm, isn't permanent, and doesn't damage your show helmet.
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    Oct. 31, 2012


    Thanks! Avoiding damage is important! I will order one and try it out!

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