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    Quote Originally Posted by hastyreply View Post
    Interesting. I find the older I get the more like my mother and father I become. I didn't make my children be a certain way. I taught by example and didn't hide my mistakes and tried to help them learn from me. They are the ones who call and say how they found themselves reacting or doing something like me. Or they call and say "you were so right". I don't know why except my family has always been this way. Y'all would laugh if I described family rebels or black sheep, more tan than black. LOL we just aren't very radical by nature. Oh and NOTHING makes my girls appreciate me more than their mother-in-laws. I just got a text " thanks for not being crazy"!
    I will grant that I am only in my mid-twenties. But the more time that passes, and the older I get, the less like my mother I become.

    Though, I will admit I can be a lot like my father. I'm honestly not sure what my dad's political leanings are as he's frequently overshadowed by my mom, but in general he's a very laid back live and let live type of guy. His overall approach to life has had a big impact on my opinions about the important things and how I approach important issues.

    Now if I could only have his patience with dealing with stupid people at work I'd be golden.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hastyreply View Post
    When these threads come around I always think of this.
    "The lady doth protest too much, methinks."

    You don't like children fine, avoid them, it's not hard and be polite when they are unavoidable....
    So, not to pick a fight or anything, but I think you're kind of missing the point. I'm not crazy about kids in my house, but in general they're okay. I posted before about my work with kids, volunteer work with kids, etc. Many others on this thread have posted about their interaction with children. Only a few people are coming down on the "I want to have no interaction with people under age 21" side of things.

    So politely avoiding kids is a great idea. But how do you politely avoid all of the people who ask why you haven't got any, wonder when you're going to have some, call you selfish if you say you're childfree, etc? Because at this point I'd like to politely avoid giving them a slap upside the head. And since this thread hasn't really gone in the direction of child avoidance ninja techniques, I don't think your advice is all that pertinent. From the OP on down, most of us are talking about dealing with the reaction from other adults when they find out that we're not kid people.

    Quote Originally Posted by hastyreply View Post
    ... I told a young lady once who said she didn't want to have children that the best thing about them is you can (if you know how) teach them to think and value the same things you do.
    Love that reasoning! People have told me husband and I that we should have children for that very reason. We find that hysterical - since we are polar opposites from our parents in terms of religion, politics, values, etc. Our parents aren't bad people. I don't think we are bad people. But we are absolutely not carrying on any of their religious or political ideals or values in ANY way. This is like the "who will take care of you when you're old" argument. Logical fallacies. And really... would you encourage me to bring a child I didn't want into this world, just so my belief system could be perpetuated? Wouldn't it be better/more effective if I just wrote a book or started a cult or something?

    If we protest too much, maybe those who are listening should just start believing us?

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    For the fence-sitters and those of you who only feel welcome to discuss not wanting to have children on coth on off-topic day, this site may be helpful:

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    I love my children...but kids are not for everybody, kind of like border collies.

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