The following is an update from Mona Kanciper re NYHR:


An Update from Mona Kanciper to all New York Horse Rescue Supporters

Once again, I would like to express my gratitude to my family and friends for their unending support during the past few years. As you may know, shortly after the death of my husband in 2009, I found myself the target of rumors and innuendo that caught the ear of an overzealous, local-SPCA and a district attorney that filed false charges against me. As expected, I was acquitted of all charges with the exception of a misdemeanor of allegedly injecting an aggressive dog with a tranquilizer in the presence of a minor. Not only did this event not occur, but the facts do not support the decision and I have appealed the decision.

I have filed a civil action against the Suffolk County SPCA and the individuals who have falsely accused me of wrongdoing. I am fully confident that we will win this civil suit and make those who have made these false claims accountable for their misguided actions.

Recently, I filed a complaint in the Federal District Court in the Eastern District of New York against the SCSPCA, its volunteer executive director, Roy Gross, volunteer chief of detectives, Gerald Lauber, and volunteer detectives, Shawn Dunn and Michael Norkelun. This complaint is a Federal Civil Rights complaint which alleges that the SCSPCA illegally obtained search warrants to dig up my property, illegally held me against my will, illegally harassed me and falsely accused me of wrongdoing.

The federal complaint raises substantial questions concerning the illegal use of police powers given to private corporations who have an agenda determined by unelected private citizens, who are not accountable to the public, who are not funded by the public, who are not required to take an oath, affirmation or allegiance to faithfully defend the Constitution, who shroud themselves in the titles and epaulettes of public officers, and who answer only to a private board of directors. This civil rights complaint asks the federal court to issue a permanent injunction to prevent the Suffolk County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals from exercising police powers under the Criminal Procedure Law.

My attorney, Alan Sash, of McLaughlin & Stern, LLP, says: “The Suffolk County SPCA acts like the police, looks like the police, dresses like the police, and goes into court like police, but they are not the police. Their thirty or so volunteers carry guns, police-like badges and insignias that look almost exactly like the ones issued to police departments; nevertheless, they are a private group of volunteers, self-funded with no significant governmental or police oversight. They rely mostly on private donations and are not overseen or supervised by a public law enforcement agency. They make their own rules and, in doing so, we believe violated the civil rights of Mona Kanciper.”

There are no words to adequately describe what the Suffolk County SPCA did to me and the catastrophic consequences it had on me, my children and on New York Horse Rescue. They not only harassed me and my family; but they intimidated us with their guns and their uniforms and, without a proper investigation, took the lies and gossip of a former employee and her friends, and falsely charged me with crimes that never happened.

Despite these tough times, New York Horse Rescue continues to operate. Although the past few years have been tumultuous, New York Horse Rescue has made every attempt to continue our mission of helping horses in need. Please visit our website ( or friend us on Facebook ☺